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We understand accountants face pressures from clients, from governments and from regulators to be perfect, every time. We understand that you need to delegate significant work to staff, even though you're still professionally responsible for it. We understand that all sorts of people are calling themselves "accountants," even though they hold no professional designation. We understand you've spent many years of education, training and exam writing to get to where you are as a designated accounting professional. 

We work with designated accountants to address enquiries, investigations or proceedings launched by regulators or employers. Accountants should not try to go up against their regulator or employer without professional legal representation. Proceedings originating with an professional regulator or employer unfortunately do not have the same checks and balances that are inherent in the court-based civil and criminal justice system. Inconsistent regulatory or employment policies, unreliable evidence of alleged misconduct, and incoherent sanctions may be the result of uncontrolled proceedings if you don't have an advocate to hold the regulator or employer to account. 

We also represent those serving as employers or employees in the accounting industry on employment law matters, including employment contracts and terms.

We'll give you our considered legal opinion on the likely optimal outcome of your case, negotiate for you with the regulator, employer or employee, and appear as your advocate at any board, tribunal or court proceedings. You'll have a strong ally to lean on at every stage of the proceedings. 

Contact us today to discuss the accountant professional conduct or employment situation you or your firm may be facing.