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We understand that architects are increasingly squeezed and blamed by all sides of the building world. Blamed for design flaws. Blamed for construction flaws. And squeezed by all the non-architects who think they are capable of designing a structure without architect input. 

We help architects throughout Canada who are facing employment law or professional misconduct, competence, fitness to practice, administrative, civil negligence or criminal proceedings. We'll give you our considered legal opinion on the likely optimal outcome of your case, negotiate for you, and appear before tribunals or courts as your advocate. You'll have a strong ally to lean on at every stage of the proceedings. 

Architects should not try to go up against their regulator alone without legal representation. Professional conduct proceedings unfortunately don't have the same checks and balances that are inherent in the court-based civil and criminal justice system. Inconsistent regulatory policies, unreliable evidence of alleged misconduct, and incoherent sanctions may be the result of uncontrolled proceedings if you don't have an advocate to hold your regulator to account. 

Employment law situations, regardless of whether you are the employer or employee, can also be extremely complex, where what is written as the statutory rules and entitlements is only the tip of the unwritten of court-made employment law iceberg. Employment contracts, confidentiality agreements, pay and benefits, harassment, and dismissal can all involve complex legal issues where timely advice from a lawyer is required to prevent or reduce workplace conflicts, and secure or defend against entitlement claims. 

Contact us today to discuss the architect employment law or professional conduct situation you may be facing.