Everyone deserves the utmost of procedural fairness when it comes to professional conduct and employment matters. Impartiality and well-tested evidence are required in any serious reviews of professional or employment actions, regardless of whether conduct, fitness, administrative, discipline, negligence or even criminal allegations are involved.

It's necessary to be vigilant for proceedings that may have been commenced based on dubious facts, a lack of transparent evidentiary disclosure, contrary to principles of procedural fairness and natural justice, and on a multiplicity of confusing allegations. Irrespective of whether you are a professional, employee or employer, any time you are facing an adversarial work-related situation you should consider retaining someone to represent you who regularly appears before and negotiates with regulators, government and the courts, and understands their systems. Such representation can ensure that conflicts are resolved at the earliest time and for the lowest cost possible prior to their proceeding before regulators, tribunals or the courts, and that if formal proceedings do break out there is already a strong basis in both fact and law to support your position. 


We understand that a lifetime of professional achievement being at stake means workplace and professional conflict can be a more serious threat to personal, material, physical and mental well-being than even a criminal charge.

We tenaciously and creatively defend against or advance claims from professionals, employees or employers like doctors, dentists, nurses, pharmacists, law enforcement officers, federal, provincial & municipal public servants, accountants, teachers & academics, engineers & architects, real estate agents, members of the Canadian Armed Forces and lawyers anywhere in Ontario. We offer services in both French and English. 

We represent professionals facing administrative, performance, conduct & capacity investigations and proceedings initiated by regulators or employers.

We represent employers on all employment law issues, including recruitment, terms of employment, and discharge.

We defend professionals, employees & employers in court and before administrative tribunals accused of civil breach of contract, negligence or regulatory offences.

We represent and advocate for professionals and organizations facing criminal charges or civil negligence proceedings arising from their work. 

We pursue appeals and judicial reviews of employment and professional conduct findings to appeal tribunals, superior courts and courts of appeal.

We've successfully defended professionals, employees and employers from Vancouver to Halifax, and litigated cases as high as the Supreme Court of Canada.

We promise each client tenacity and expertise applied to achieve the optimal results for your case, combined with approachability in working collaboratively with you in your case. We understand that every employer and professional regulator has unique requirements and procedures; we fight for your rights by actively engaging in case resolution discussions and firmly advocating cases that must proceed to hearings. 


Responding to or Initiating Investigations: we'll help you respond to or initiate demands for information under employer policies, professional conduct codes, or regulatory legislation with the aim of ensuring that information is lawfully gathered and later admissible in proceedings;

Negotiating Resolutions: we'll negotiate for you to informally resolve informal or formal proceedings;

Advocacy: we'll provide you with firm, creative and effective representation before boards, tribunals and trial or appeal courts, including professional conduct tribunals, public service & employer boards and courts martial.

Designing & Advising on Employment Policies: employment & professional licensing at their core are contractual relationships, governed by the precise wording that the parties have agreed to be bound by. Employers, employees & professionals all have the right to insist that all parties to such agreements adhere to their terms, and to be bound by whatever dispute settlement mechanisms they provide to resolve conflict. 

Contact us today to start working out a proactive response to your regulator, employer or employees.

We Work Collaboratively with Clients

We pride ourselves on our approachability, our fee transparency, our collaborative working relationships with our clients, our knowledge of the subject matter, and our ability to achieve optimal outcomes.

We understand that you've spent a lifetime getting to where you are today in your organization, business or profession. We'll keep you up to date on your case and respond promptly to your communications. We'll spend time listening to you about what is your ideal outcome and work with you to achieve it.


We spend time building relationships with professional regulators, unions, employee organizations, other employers and tribunals so that we can secure every negotiated advantage possible for our clients. Make no mistake, these can be adversarial processes. But employment and professional conduct law can be much less formal than other kinds of legal proceedings unless they immediately head to a court route, and even then they are often resolved before trial, so relationships can be used to considerable advantage for you. 

We Negotiate OPTIMAL OUTCOMES and Fight for Your Rights

We negotiate and settle where that's in your best interests and you agree. And we fight for your rights in contested hearings where that is what you want. 

Professional conduct and employment proceedings are often unlike any other type of legal case in Canada. They can be part civil trial, part criminal prosecution, part administrative process. Our approach is informed by decades of experience in all those areas. It's a unique area of law, that needs to be given the unique treatment and knowledge that it deserves in order to achieve optimal client results.