MILITARY Conduct & employment lawyer

We understand that regular, reserve and civilian members of the Canadian Armed Forces are subject to unique rules of conduct and discipline. That they not only have to obey Canada's laws applicable to the general population, but also the additional extensive laws that apply to the military. 

We help military members throughout Canada who are facing employment law, service offence, administrative proceedings or criminal charges. We'll give you our considered legal opinion on the likely optimal outcome of your case, negotiate for you with your commanding officer or prosecuting authority, and appear as your advocate. You'll have a strong ally to lean on at every stage of the proceedings. 

We understand and respect that you might be provided with military counsel from within the Canadian Armed Forces to help you. But we are here when you choose to be represented by independent outside counsel, or when internal counsel is unable to help you due to conflict of interest or inability to provide you with the legal services you need (like pursuing appeals or judicial reviews in the Federal Court). 

Military members should not try to go up against the military command alone without legal representation. While the fairness of military service proceedings may have improved somewhat over the past few decades, they unfortunately still don't have the same checks and balances that are inherent in the civilian court-based civil and criminal justice system. Inconsistent military conduct policies, unreliable evidence of alleged misconduct, and incoherent sanctions may be the result of uncontrolled proceedings if you don't have an advocate to hold your commanding officer and the Department of National Defence to account. 

We also conduct independent workplace investigations, including for allegations of harassment, dishonesty, conflict of interest, violence and accommodation. Our work can lead to objective fact finding, and relevant, reliable and probative evidence. Only by retaining a law firm for your workplace investigations can you be guaranteed that the results will be confidential and protected by solicitor-client privilege.

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