POLICE Conduct & employment Lawyer

We understand that law enforcement officers are subject to strict regulation and complaints from both employers and the public. We understand the demands placed upon them by employers, by the public, and by the unique environment in which they work that carries with it such solemn responsibilities.. 

We help law enforcement officers throughout Canada who are facing formal or informal proceedings for reasons of alleged misconduct, performance, fitness, administrative, civil negligence or criminal conduct. We'll give you our considered legal opinion on the likely optimal outcome of your case, negotiate for you, and appear as your advocate. You'll have a strong ally to lean on at every stage of the proceedings. 

Law enforcement officers should not try to go up against their employers, other government agencies, or the justice system alone without legal representation. Professional conduct proceedings unfortunately don't have the same checks and balances that are inherent in the court-based criminal justice system. Inconsistent regulatory policies, unreliable evidence of alleged misconduct, and incoherent sanctions may be the result of uncontrolled proceedings if you don't have an advocate to hold your regulator to account. 

We also help civilian employees of law enforcement agencies with their own employment law issues, which can be quite distinct from those found in other industries. 

We conduct independent workplace investigations, including for allegations of harassment, dishonesty, conflict of interest, violence and accommodation. Our work can lead to objective fact finding, and relevant, reliable and probative evidence. Only by retaining a law firm for your workplace investigations can you be guaranteed that the results will be confidential and protected by solicitor-client privilege.

Contact us today to discuss the police professional conduct or employment law situation you may be facing.