Information Communication Technology Employment & Conduct Lawyer

Employers, employees and regulated professionals in the Information Technology sector face stiff competition for talent, rapidly evolving work environments, and increasingly government regulation.

Employment law situations, regardless of whether you are the employer or employee, can be extremely complex where what is written as the statutory rules and entitlements is only the tip of the unwritten court-made employment iceberg. Employment contracts, confidentiality agreements, pay and benefits, harassment, and dismissal can all involve complex legal issues where timely advice from a lawyer is required to prevent or reduce workplace conflicts, and secure or defend against entitlement claims. 

We also concentrate on conducting independent workplace investigations, including for allegations of harassment, dishonesty, conflict of interest, violence and accommodation. Our work can lead to objective fact finding, and relevant, reliable and probative evidence. Only by retaining a law firm for your workplace investigations can you be guaranteed that the results will be confidential and protected by solicitor-client privilege.

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