non-union workplaces Employment & COnduct Lawyer

Although the majority of workplaces in Canada are now not unionized, and with the proportion of unionized workplaces continuing to shrink, both employers and employees potentially are more at risk of legal misunderstandings over terms of employment in a non-union environment because of a lack of rigid employment terms and processes.

Non-union workplaces may have no written contracts of employment, poorly drafted or non-existent work descriptions, and non-functional means of effective dispute settlement short of costly court proceedings. 

We work with non-union employers and employees to develop acceptable employment contracts and terms of employment, and to settle disputes out of court. We're also very ready to go to court should that become necessary, going before the Ontario Human Rights Tribunal, the Small Claims Court, the Ontario Superior Court of Justice, and the Ontario Court of Appeal to assert our clients' interests. 

We conduct independent workplace investigations, including for allegations of harassment, dishonesty, conflict of interest, violence and accommodation. Our work can lead to objective fact finding, and relevant, reliable and probative evidence. Only by retaining a law firm for your workplace investigations can you be guaranteed that the results will be confidential and protected by solicitor-client privilege.